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Our Coliving Philosphy 

Coasis is a coliving family in Calafell, a town located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, just one hour from Barcelona. 

In this uber connected digital era, technology and workplace innovations enable business owners, freelancers and employees to have the freedom to work from anywhere with a reliable wifi connection.

At Coasis, our goal is to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers and digital nomads find the perfect balance between leisure and work with a community of like-minded professionals to share insights and forge lasting relationships. 

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in paradise

Located in Calafell, Spain you can spend your days working on the beach, relaxing on the sand, enjoying the ocean, or organising a beach volleyball game with your new tribe. For thousands of years people have spoken of the relaxing and creative powers of the ocean. Why not wake up next to this every morning?  Come join your fellow colivers and share in the beauty of this local beach town. 

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1. How is our community? Coasis is a community of independent workers that lift each other up and create strong, lasting relationships – …

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Coasis offers a range of services dedicated to inspiring a creative environment for any project. Please get in contact if you're interested in learning more about how you could use our variety of onsite spaces.

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