The Coliving Equation


In the last few weeks, we wrote about Coliving, Calafell, Hacker Houses. There was also the increasing popularity of Coliving in the Digital Nomads community, and how to make money traveling the world. The common topic was always “Coliving” and we tried to define that, but Coliving is just the result of an Equation. Coworking + Living = Coliving.

Neus Inglada, co-founder of “Coasis” started her journey as the founder of “Cowork Rambla Catalunya”. She envisioned that with the help of her sister Maria, who is also an entrepreneur and founder of “Ca La Maria B&B”, they will mix these concepts together to create Coasis, “a coliving family by the sea”.

Coasis, south of Barcelona, Catalonia

Coliving, an opportunity to create a Community

With a lot more to offer than a regular coworking environment, you can basically live where you work! And if the idea might scare some of you (why would I need to bring my work problems at home in the first place?), it is the dream of many remote workers around the world… Remote workers, digital nomads, traveling passionates and influencers alike are growing fond of the concept. And with Neus’s original idea, that sparked the idea to found Coasis, being “To create a community”, her will to create a “family” where you’ll feel like home better than in any Airbnb. They’ll provide the warm welcome sensation that can’t be provided by high-standard hotels… You’ll feel at home at Coasis, you’ll be a part of the family. A family where every kind of people, from anywhere in the world, is welcomed and might be a part of. Family is a cocoon, somewhere safe, and so is the point of a community.

Coliving, a way of Life

Choosing Calafell was a cornerstone in the project, you’re far enough from Barcelona. Yet you’re still pretty close to it (about one hour by car). You’ll “colive” about one hour south of Barcelona, remote from densely populated areas of Catalonia. You’ll be provided a paradise-like haven where you’ll meet new and inspiring people of all ages and from every part of the world. And you’ll be able to help each other out on any project. That the way of life at Coasis.

Email us at hola@coasiscoliving.com