Fun Activities To Do in Calafell!


Fun Things to Do in Calafell if you are a Digital Nomad or remote worker!

When looking for a co-living space it is important to consider what kind of environment you want to immerse yourself in. Some prefer the hustle and bustle of city life, but others might prefer a community that is immersed in a quiet area with access to nature and the ocean. Coasis Co-living is located right on the beach in Calafell, just an hour away from Barcelona. This allows you to enjoy while being able to .

During the offseason, Calafell is a quiet town, where during the day there are few distractions and loud noises to distract from work, but there still remains a local community who go out to bars on the beach almost every night. In that respect, Calafell captures a little bit of both worlds, a place where you can focus on your work but also have the opportunity to meet new people and interact with locals.

At Coasis, we’re not just about Coliving and Coworking. We’re about community. We’re committed to making your stay one to be remembered and we’re happy to organize a range of recreational and rewarding activities to enhance your experience.

Here’s a short-list of our favorite activities – just let us know what floats your boat and we’ll collaborate with you to organize!

1. Mediterranean Sailing

We have access to a sailboat if you are looking for a relaxing way to spend your afternoon or late evening. Cruise on the waters of the Mediterranean while sipping on a glass of Vermut or Cava.

2. Photography

There are many beautiful sights in Calafell to take pictures at. The gradient of the sky when the sun sets over the water is something that can’t be duplicated. The beaches and surrounding hills also make for a photographers playground.

3. Catalan Cooking Experience

Learn about local culture while simultaneously enjoying a delicious meal! We can organize a small class on Catalan food to show you some of the local delicacies.

4. Trip to Ciudadela Iberica de Calafell 

The town also hosts several fascinating historical sites dating back to before the Romans arrived 2000 years ago. For lovers of nature, there are many nearby hiking trails and parks to accommodate your desire for exploration.

5. Surfing or Kitesurfing 

Escola de Vela de Calafell offers surfboard rentals and lessons for beginners subject to seasonality. Or, if you’ve always wanted to try kitesurfing, the team at Mojokite in nearby Casteldellfells will have you up and flying in no time!

6. Rock Climbing (Roca Aguilera) (Easy): 

Climb Roca Aguilera! This rock formation is a fantastic hike. It isn’t too difficult for beginners of a standard level of fitness and sports amazing views at the top.

7. Hiking Pedrera de l’Escarnosa

Pedrera de l’Escarnosa is an old sand quarry near Calafell that’s been turned into a park and hiking trails, perfect for a weekend hiking trip!

8. Deep-sea fishing

Interested in trying your hand at some fishing in the Mediterranean? Kalymnos fishing has fantastic reviews with many years of experience. Instead of eating out, maybe try catching dinner!

9. Party with the locals

A night out in Calafell … BORA BORA, highly rated Polynesian themed bar

10.Alpine Slide (Calafell Slide)

Some might say that an Alpine slide is just for kids…my friends and I say otherwise. 

11. Ropes Course Calafell Aventura. 

Looking for a treetop adventure? Look no further than Ropes Course Calafell Aventura. You will be harnessed up to a cord that allows you to walk on obstacles between trees without the fear of falling.

Although Calafell is a small town during the winter, there are options for almost any taste. And with easy access to the train, a day trip to Barcelona is easy, accessible, and cheap. For those who are looking for an opportunity to focus on self-improvement and few distractions, but who also want options to go out and experience local culture and nature, Coasis is the perfect fit.

Email us at hola@coasiscoliving.com