FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


1. How is our community?

Coasis is a community of independent workers that lift each other up and create strong, lasting relationships – we usually host a mix of remote workers, freelancers and Masters students. One of our most important goals is the professional and personal growth of our colivers. With a beautiful location in the heart of Barcelona, we promote a community of hard-working people, as well as a healthy and respectful lifestyle. We provide weekly activities for our colivers in order to encourage bonding and brainstorming. At Coasis, you will find your home away from home.

2. How are the rooms?

We have 4 types of rooms:

*Single room with shared bathroom
Price: 700€/month
Has one double bed
Bathroom is usually shared between 3 people

*Double room with shared bathroom
Price: 800€/month
Bigger than a single room
Double, full-sized bed

*Double room with private bathroom and terrace (patio)
Price: 950€/month if traveling alone
1100€/month if you are a couple
Includes a private bathroom and private patio

*Bedroom apartment
Recommended for couples
Biggest out of all the options
Price: 1350€/month if traveling alone
1500€/month if you are a couple

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coliving barcelona

*If you are interested, please email us at hola@coasiscoliving.com to learn about our current availability.

3. What is different if I am traveling with my partner?

Please take a look at the previous question! There is a 150€ extra cost for couples. Prices are mentioned above.
IMPORTANT: couples can only stay in either the double room with private bathroom and patio or in the bedroom apartment.

4. Are the apartments mixed (both genders sharing a space)?

Yes, we place people in apartments based on availability at the time of the reservation. It is possible to change the room later, but the initial assignment will be mostly based on which rooms are available at that time, regardless of the gender of the other colivers who have rooms in the same space.

5. Is it possible to bring pets at Coasis?

YES, Coasis is a pet-friendly community, but these are the requirements in order to have respect in the community
Since pets require extra cleaning and maintenance, there will be a higher price (+50 euro / month)
Due to the higher risk that bringing pets poses, the initial deposit payment will also be higher (+150 euros)
We will also be asking you to send us a photo of the pet. Since you will be sharing the space with other colivers, we want to make sure that they are okay with your pet being there. We can NOT accept your pet if the other Colivers don’t agree.
If, for whatever reason, coexistence does not work, after one month we will re-evaluate the situation and take the necessary measures regarding your stay.

6. Is it possible to bring guests at Coasis?

YES, but it will require extra payment.
Depending on the duration of your guest’s visit, the price is as follows:

50€/ week

7. How will Coasis handle Covid-related changes in travel plans?

In case you need to postpone your arrival, we can postpone your payment without extra charges
If there is a major/unpredictable cause for the cancellation – we will return the money (more or less)

8. What is included in the price?

* Water
* Electricity
* Gas
* Wifi
* Weekly cleaning with change of towels and bed clothes
* Use of the kitchen, washing machine & dryer.
The kitchen is fully equipped (we have all the dishes you may need, as well as a fridge, freezer, oven/microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.)
* Use of all the common areas
* Coworking space included (we have OFFICE CHAIRS and a PRIVATE ROOM for zoom/skype calls or quiet time alone)
* Weekly activities (CHECK OUT OUR INSTAGRAM: @Coasiscoliving)
Some examples of our weekly coliver activities: sailing, barbeques, group hikes, professional pictures with a photographer, etc.
*10% VAT included

9. How can I check availability at Coasis?

Please email us at hola@coasiscoliving.com! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

10. How do I make a reservation?

After you email us to ask about availability, we will ask you to tell us a little bit more about yourself, because we want to get to know you and see if you would fit into the Coasis community. We will find the best option for you based on your needs and our availability, and we will discuss all the details as we go.

11. Is there a discount for longer stays?

No. Our stays are minimum 1 month max 6 month same price. Please email us at hola@coasiscoliving.com and we will accommodate you and provide more information.

12. What are the rules that should be respected within the community?

The most important is to respect the sleep of others considering the noise that is made, clean what you have used both in the kitchen and in common spaces and respect others.

*Everyone should minimize the noise level in rooms and common spaces to avoid disturbing other colleagues and guests. Specially from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m
*You can use the kitchen at any time of the day, but be careful about noise, as mentioned above.
*Charges: Water, electricity and gas are included in the monthly rate. We hope that each one makes a proper and responsible use of them.
*Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in any room, even if it has a balcony or terrace. You can only smoke on the street or on the common patio of Coasis.

Once you make a reservation, we will send you our full rules for the Coliving community.

CONTACT US: You can contact us by phone or WhatsApp at +34 689123762 or +34 648 486 768 or by email at hola@coasiscoliving.com

Email us at hola@coasiscoliving.com