Coworking enables individuals to work independently but amongst a community of like-minded people. At Coasis, we have a range of spaces available for coworking, including our gorgeous terrace, breezy patio or even our spacious kitchen, dining and lounge areas. However, if you need to focus, you can head to our dedicated coworking room which is a fully equipped office.

Coasis is also an ideal place to burst the creativity of a team or department. Our spacious house offers a range of areas for larger group activities or events.




Coasis is a coliving space designed to welcome consultants, sales professionals, techies, designers, and travellers for stays varying in time but consistent in impact. Those looking to make a change, renew their energy, motivation, and creativity can do so in this comfortable and open atmosphere surrounded by the ocean, sun, and like-minded thinkers. Through creating this collaborative environment colivers will maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle while simultaneously growing and finding inspiration through teamwork to create a perfect leisure and worklife balance.

As a coliving community we believe in the benefits of creating lasting relationships with people who are both your coworkers and neighbours. Encountering the different backgrounds and business experience for those around you will help you gain new and valuable insight for your own company.



We’re a group of passionate and driven entrepreneurs and remote workers who constantly seek growth, both professionally and personally. Join our community and benefit from teambuilding activities and sharing sessions.

Additionally, it is possible to rent our entire home for your team. Help us grow your business and your own personal development!



Coasis coliving offers numerous services to help colivers thrive and succeed such as fast wifi and housekeeping. 

Each double room has individual beds overlooking the patio, providing easy access to the beach. 

There are also communal spaces such as a kitchen and living room.



Renew your energy, motivation, and creativity through skillsharing and personal development activities. Courses taught by colivers for colivers will create activities for personal and professional growth in specific fields of expertise. Unwind with classes in cooking, yoga, and meditation, exercise on the beach, go kayaking, eat healthy, and acquire new tips on how to be effective entrepreneurs from fellow colivers!

Email us at hola@coasiscoliving.com